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 Violent Dark, -- Felix // Bambi
Ahmet Morrison
 Posted on: Mar 29 2017, 01:42 PM


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Ahmet had been briefed but he hadn't understood a lot of what he'd been told. The hovercraft, piloted by someone else, Ahmet noticed a little bitterly, landed in the dim district of Five just a while after the power had gone low over most of Panem. Someone had deliberately interfered, that's what Ahmet picked up from the briefing. There were times when this kind of brownout was done by those in charge of Five to manage and prevent a full blackout, he'd gotten that much too. This time it wasn't them, this time it was sabotage. Through all the talk of voltage, electrical grids, and efficiency, Ahmet understood one thing, the little team being unloaded into the District now was in charge of finding the insurgent and when they did they had to bring him back alive.

This, it seemed, related to the operation he'd been drafted into. Rebel activity was on the rise since the raid in District Eight and while Five wasn't a very likely incubator for rebels, it didn't look as though the Capitol was willing to take any chances. The light hung low of District Five, by no fault of their own, and suspicion rose in the high seat of the Capitol. Was there something going on here? It wasn't Ahmet's place to decide one way or another. He executed his orders, that was his job. Whether or not this rebel thing was legitimate or paranoia, it was his job to shut it down.

His clean, pure white uniform illuminated in the dark as he joined the rest of the peacekeepers on the ground. They grouped together with the patrol and looked to the Captain for orders. He'd made a grid of District Five, assigned ground patrol to one of his own and sent the pairs to patrol grid areas. Ahmet and his patrolman were sent off to C8, near the damn and an electrical grid. The peacekeeper assigned to him tried to explain what had happened in more detail, but it went over Ahmet's head. He could see what had happened, at least the result of what had happened. Now he needed to find who'd done it.

Felix & Bambi Atom - hope this is alright. I tried to keep it as vague as possible since I don't know specifics yet lol Let me know if you need any changes.
Bambi Atom
 Posted on: Apr 12 2017, 10:08 AM

District Five

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Bambi knew what she had to do, she had been working towards this moment for several months now. The signal was given and she was set off to cause the black out during the games. It would shut off everything, the tvs, the lights, the power, the fun! It would cause a distraction for the other rebels who needed it and she would be considered a hero to them. Well, maybe not a hero, but she would be remembered for doing something great. Nothing would take this moment away from Bambi Atom, not even the words of her father after she told him what she had to do. She also told him to forget about it, because if they questioned him, and he knew about it, they would probably execute him.

She already had access to the plant, to most of the things that she would need to cause the black out. Her hands were stuffed in her pockets, a small smile on her face, a tune was being whistled as she made her way down the hallways of the power plant. She reached into her pocket and snip, a wire was cut. The lights start to go out, she had to hurry or she wouldn't make it to all the wires before she was caught. The next one was easy, no one was around, she cut another wire and another. The lights were starting to go off, and the plan was working. The back up generators were already blown and the plan was going off without a hitch so far. She dove behind a wall when one of her fellow engineers ran past. They were trying to figure out the issue too, but she was the cause of the issue. Soon the entirety of Panem would be without power.

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