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 Posted on: Apr 27 2014, 03:25 PM


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Registration & Application
    Please register an OOC account first, you will link all character accounts to this one, then register with your character's first and last name in proper capitalization. Your application should be your first post and should be posted with your character account. Refrain from posting elsewhere until it is accepted. You're welcome to post a WIP app but please make sure to label it as such so we know you're still working on it, WIP apps will be moved to the archives after a week without completion.
Character Restrictions
    You may apply for as many characters as you'd like. Remember that mentoring is required for all Victors unless there are multiples within the district, in which case you may chose to sit your Victor out should someone else be going in. Victors can not sit out for more than two games in a row. Each member may have only two victors excluding those earned in onsite Games. There may be caps in some districts on the Victor list.
Graphics & Faces
    Avatars must be exactly 250px by 400px. Signatures can be any width, as long as they do not stretch the board, and must not be any taller that 400px. Graphics must not contain nudity or explicit violence or gore. Avs are required, signatures are not. Face claims should be realistic in age and must be actual people, not drawings or pixel art.
OOC Accounts VS IC Accounts
    We do ask that you keep an OOC account, all of your character accounts should be linked to this account. This system makes our lives a little easier when it comes to the games because we have to ensure tributes aren't linked to any other account for our Games. OOC accounts being the global parent account makes that easier to regulate. The board is set up in a way where you can not post with your OOC account in IC areas and vice versa. If you get an error while trying to post, this is probably why. The games forum in the members lounge is open to both, as games are played in and out of character.


We Don't Judge
    We have no word count and we have no set "skill level". All writers make mistakes, everyone writes differently. We ask that you proof read for mistakes, give spelling and grammar your best go, write in third person, past tense, and give your partner something to work with. Enjoy yourself whether you're a novella writer or prefer rapid fire.
Rating & Content
    TWF is rated 3/3/3, meaning that graphic violence, sex and language is permitted. We do not require a mature tag for threads with graphic content, join only if you're comfortable with our rating. In the same vein, registering with us means accepting this rating. As long as you're old enough to use jcink per their TOS, and you've acknowledged our rating, your age is fine by us.
Trigger Warnings
    We appreciate them. Without knowing what triggers our members it's hard to say what should be tagged with a trigger warning but we do need to make a collective effort to protect each other and keep one another comfortable. If you feel something may be triggering, tag it in your title or description. If you run into something triggering that isn't labeled, let an admin know, we'll label it. If you'd like to PM your triggers to an admin so we're more aware of what we're looking for, we'd appreciate it. That being said, due to the nature of our roleplay, TWs pertaining to violence are not required within the Games forums.
    We play an AU game here, meaning that canon events did not and will not happen. We've constructed the world of Panem for all of us to make our own stories so we're leaving the story that's already been told behind! Important figures, such as the President, will be NPCs and can be incorporated into your posts and plots as you see fit. You can find a list of them and minibios in our reference section.


Respect & Discrimination
    Our most important rule is that we all must respect each other within our community. Disrespect for any reason and any and all discrimination will not be tolerated. Hot button issues should be avoided in OOC areas including the cbox as well as sharing sensitive, personal information.
Three Strikes
    We operate on a three strikes system. The staff will know your punishment status, you will know, nobody else has to know. Ample warning will be given before any strike is earned. A third strike will result in being banned from the site.
Because We Said So
    Rules are subject to change as we go along and better understand our community and their needs. Changes will be announced publicly before they're implemented. Should staff ask you to knock something off that's not specifically stated in the rules, just knock it off. We're not trying to limit you but we're going to make the game as comfortable as possible for everyone.
    The cbox is the most public place on our forum and it should be a safe place for everyone. Do not disrespect the staff or your fellow members. Keep any links to a minimum in the cbox, and we definitely do not want any nudity, gore or the like being thrown in there either. We ask that you do not spam the cbox and to keep foul language to a minimum as well, keep things at at PG-13 rating. Just don't be an asshat and everything will be fine.

"Text is meaningless without context." - John Green

"Read books. Care about things. Get excited. Try not to be too down on yourself.
Enjoy the ever present game of knowing." - Hank Green

"Old men like hard cheese and strong mustard." - Rhett McLaughlin
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