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 Harbor Stark, 68th Hunger Games Victor
Harbor Stark
 Posted on: Apr 28 2014, 10:00 PM


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Name: Harbor Stark
Age & Birth Date: Twenty, Twenty-One, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Three, Twenty-Four, Twenty-Five; February 2nd
District: Four
Occupation: Victor of the 68th Hunger Games/Drop out
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Born to Amphitrite and Bourne Stark, came the last child of the Stark family. Harbor Stark was the younger brother to Raine Stark, an older girl who received more attention than she really needed or wanted. She was given every bit of encouragement to enter the Hunger Games from her parents, from her mentors, even some civilians that she took the time to know had given her some words to leap into the Hunger Games.

Harbor was left there to admire from afar, though from his sister's mouth, there really wasn't anything to admire. She was a humble girl, one that did well in everything she attempted and was given a bigger praise than she really wanted. Raine was supposedly the main icon of the Stark family, a reminder that being mentally strong, humble and having a level head was what the family was all about. Amphitrite was a shop clerk and Bourne was a known trainer for Careers, so they both lived up to that in some way.

Their son could never amount to that, so when Harbor was a year old, Raine Stark volunteered for the twentieth Hunger Games. She gave in to the peer pressure and followed her path towards a death sentence that she really hadn't anticipated in the first place. Raine was eighteen going in, taking on a heavy load on her shoulders inside the Hunger Games for being one of the less violent Careers.

That sort of behavior sealed her fate, and Raine took tenth place during the twentieth Hunger Games. After being pinned down by the tributes from Seven and Three, Harbor watched as his sister was destroyed inside an autumn forest, painting the fallen leaves with her own liquid of life. No one saw it coming with the Careers going into the final ten and the tributes from Seven and Three being able to slip through.

After the twentieth ended, Amphitrite and Bourne fell into the deepest forms of sorrow, leaving their only child to fend for himself. He grew up with a stoned expression, but he didn't mind his own parents as they mourned for what seemed like centuries. They never slipped out of their funk, and Harbor Stark was never able to rely or trust the people who gave birth to him. It just seemed inevitable for him to walk the earth alone.

Honestly, he wasn't all that alone. The only thing he got from his sister, was a shadow that he had to walk in with, but he took it because it was the only attention he ever got. For years after his sister's death on screen, Harbor busied himself with training and being the colorful child he was with a few other children on his heel, not concerning himself with being reaped for the Hunger Games or the thought of volunteering. He stuck to training. It was the only thing he considered himself to be good at.

The only people who he really believed to be genuine, was his cousin, Coral Fjord. Her and his best friend, Kai Ermin, were the only individuals who Harbor believed he could ever hold his faith in. At the age of fifteen, his potential shined through and mentors talked freely in high praise about the remaining Stark child. It was something he appreciated, but never wanted for himself. He wanted to be free with his time. At that specific age, Harbor felt like he deserved to be breathing freely and not have people reaching down his throat for everything.

It was at that age that Harbor found experimentation to be his new hobby. He experimented with weapons, with new people, even his own gender preference when it came to intimacy, though sex wasn't something he often tried at his age. Kai Ermin was his first step into shallow waters, an individual who Harbor claimed to care about that helped with experimentation. From a simple kiss, to firm hands on his body, to feeling a warm mouth around his middle to just about everything beyond that.

Harbor really didn't try to experiment with another gender. He really had nothing to test. Kai just fulfilled all his desires and that, maybe, was all it took for Harbor to see that his experiment was over. This friendship went on with Kai until Harbor hit sixteen, where he seeked help from the best mentor that District Four could provide. Harbor found it hard to trust Tide at first, and he half expected the older Victor to drop training with the sixteen year old because he possibly found something else to occupy his time with.

Only, he didn't. Tide Fairwind stayed true to teaching Harbor, and the sixteen year old found himself almost lusting after the man to teach him more. It was only that at first. He grew more attached with every lesson that ended, and after all that, Harbor didn't bother going into the local Training Center or go anywhere with his friends. It didn't matter what he did, honestly. Bourne and Amphitrite Stark were still in their bad place, too far gone in their mourning, which could have been said for the sixteen year old at the time.

The difference was, Harbor had gotten over his sister's death. He was too far gone in his mentor. The man held his attention like no other and kept him on his toes, it kept breathing life into him with every bit of physical and verbal praise. Harbor had only thought it was a short term thing, that he was just excited about having someone who didn't really expect him to be like his sister. Tide didn't treat him like that. He really felt like this was just one small crush that he could slide under the carpet.

It became real when Siren Karabela, a familiar girl from Harbor's past, appeared at one of his training sessions. She showed up in the most indignant fashion that the boy had ever seen, walking in like she owned the place, as if she were someone significant. However, when this girl's lips pressed against Tide's - Harbor snapped.

He had never been aware of his own temper before, but he shot out at her with rage building in his eyes and a heavy body that didn't quit with self control. Harbor brought himself into a situation that he could have walked away from, but his mind was welded into the image of Siren kissing his mentor. It drove him crazy, it drove him to dark places that he had never encountered before, and then when he released his frustrations on the girl, Harbor almost started to regret it the moment his mentor reacted.

Then he was casted out, made to look like the worst person on earth for what he did. Tide Fairwind didn't approve of the abuse and had made it clear that Harbor wasn't welcomed to his house or around him, or just be anywhere involved with his life. It wasn't something that had physically hurt him, though. Harbor seemed fine to the human eye, but he was hurting inside, because one thing that was clear - was that Harbor Stark was in love with his mentor.

For a year, Harbor sought the presence and attention of Kai Ermin. After a full year of shutting him out, the boy found himself entangled in hatred and the black and white that seemed to gleam off every inch of the fishing district. He looked at the world and saw nothing worth his time, nothing worth his presence, nothing to truly want. Harbor blamed his mentor for all of it, though it was more clear that it was Harbor's fault the entire time and another reason for the seventeen year old to stop himself from believing he loved Tide. He even went back to the Training Center and dropped out of school to continue his training.

Kai was just his stress reliever in the entire situation.

During that year, Harbor came face to face with his mentor on several occasions. He often bowed out of the conversation, spat words of flame and distaste at the man, even got himself into the wrong situation where he mouthed off too much and got his ribs kicked in by the older Victor. Harbor didn't take it to heart though, choosing to let it slide from his head while he continued to hurt internally.

Harbor wanted out of District Four. He couldn't stand how little he had to tie himself to, how great encouragement came for him from so many mouths, so he volunteered for the thirty eighth Hunger Games at eighteen years old. His father died long before then, but the cause, no one really knew.

What he didn't realize with volunteering, was that his ex mentor was training the tributes that year. Ignorance was a bliss as it seemed, but Harbor tried to get away from Tide the first chance he got. His efforts during the Games were useless compared to his efforts back in Four, but when he gave in, it took off a giant weight on his shoulders. Harbor started training with his mentor again, and there was that very slow process of trusting him again.

It almost seemed well until Harbor found himself in the infirmary, waking up to find himself in a bed and his mentor at the door. They talked then, Harbor releasing some kind of apology that had bled inside him for so long, and it caused some kind of change in the atmosphere when Tide stood and kissed Harbor on his very own.

The kiss brought Harbor back from the black and white world around him. He saw himself falling for the man again, trust beginning to build up for him, and then every situation after that was just adding every bit of fuel to the flame. He went into the thirty eighth with a death wish, but with promises and Harbor wanting to pursue something with his mentor, he became more determined to win the Hunger Games.

Harbor Stark was just that easy.


The 68th Hunger Games

The sixty eighth Hunger Games was set in an abandoned hospital, the Cornucopia placed in a big room and the tributes were scattered like always, though it was more of a group of tributes being scattered from another. Harbor, who had Tide's former token around his neck; stood near the girl from One, the boy from Eleven, the girl from Six who stood right in the middle, the girl from Seven, and the boy from Ten.

Before Harbor could take a general stare of his surroundings, which wasn't much to go by anyway. Chairs and garbage littered the floor; the chairs were turned over or either flipped onto their back, as if the whole place had erupted into chaos before Harbor and the other twenty three tributes got there. There was a beaten and paint ripe desk not too far from where the Career stood and then a gift shop, that stood off to the corner of the room.

Harbor darted out to grab an axe of his own and then the other Careers did the same after grabbing a weapon, choosing to lash out against any tribute that got in their way. Harbor was about to do the same thing when his eyes caught sight of his rival from Eight, a boy who had a lot more to go to than what Harbor had, but he managed to push that all away in favor of gathering all the animosity in the world and lashing out against the tribute.

The battle went on for what felt like hours, at least before Harbor's district partner came to pull him away and leave Eight with his own district partner. That night, the Careers formulated their plan and left to get into their respective elevators, leaving the Careers there and stranded inside the death trap for the entire night - at least until the morning.

The boy from Five, the girl from Eight, the boy from Ten, the girl from Ten and the boy from Twelve was killed - and apparently, the boy from Eight also died, fueling Harbor with a rage that he, himself, could not contain and with an impatience that fueled his every step.

Harbor ended up not killing anyone on the first day, however, the others did. On the second day and when the doors from the elevators opened, Harbor found himself in a parking garage and below the hospital, away from the Careers but with his district partner on his heels for good measure. The girl from One had long since left them and that drove the sharks from Four to gather their shit together.

This ended up bringing Harbor's kill count to two, ending both tributes from Nine and leaving him with a hopeful stand point. Downstairs, he met the boy from Eleven and the two of them made their own plan to overthrow the other Careers once the numbers dwindled down.

Both Careers from Four accepted the deal and they went off, followed by the boy from Eleven who had a weapon of his own at the time. That night; both tributes from Six, both tributes from Nine, the female from Seven, the boy from Three, and the girl from Twelve appeared in the sky.

On the third day of the Arena, Harbor and his allies found the male from Seven and the female from Three in the Morgue of the hospital. Together, they destroyed the two tributes and that left Harbor's kill count at three with the male Seven. His district partner had killed the female and now the tributes made it their goal to find Eleven's partner.

Eventually, they did find the girl in the Operating Rooms but were taken by surprise. Every tribute fell into their own padded rooms, special thanks to the Capitol, but Harbor was quick to find his way out, pushing him towards a forced fight that he had not asked for in the first place. Then again, nothing was in his control and he had no qualms ending the girl from Two in the Reception and Elevator Bay, the same place the Cornucopia was once held. The girl from Two was nice and far different in a personality sense from the others Careers in his pack, but Harbor took the murder as a stepping stone to ending this game.

That night; the boy from One, the girl from Two and the girl from Eleven appeared in the sky as the deaths for day four. Harbor had actually thought Eleven had died during the fall, though it was probably far from the truth anyway. Harbor had no idea where his allies were, he had been alone for quite a few hours after his battle and took up residence in another elevator, ending up inside the Emergency Care area of the hospital. He came to the realization that he may just be done with everything. Death seemed so easy to get to and he was so drained, so he tried sleeping it off, at least until the other Careers came knocking.

Harbor's district partner, the boy from Two and the girl from One appeared. He was sure that his own district partner was against him now, so he took his chance to end his own life and used the drive for suicide as a use of strength to pull himself up and towards an elevator. This elevator took him up, the second place that Harbor hadn't explored next to a floor he had never hit; it was the roof.

He was literally standing on finale grounds, but no tributes were really there. He ended up dropping near a concrete wall and laid behind it, using the rest of his supplies and then resting for the next day ahead.

Final six appeared so quickly and Harbor had no intention of dropping what awaited him back home. The battle was draining and Harbor actually thought he gained more injuries and lost more blood through the finale than he did with fighting the other tributes before the finale. He was fighting well, at least until the boy from Two and the boy from Eleven striked at each other and ignited their bodies to the flickering flames of Hell, completely demolishing their chances at winning. That left Harbor with the female from his own district, the girl from Five and the girl from One. The sharks went after the other tributes, Harbor heaving his axe out and quickly taking the girl from One down.

The final three was upon them and Harbor was at four kills.

It just so happened that Five had some questions, a few inquires that ignited Harbor's impatience and revealing his affair with his mentor to the entire world of Panem. He really didn't care for Siren though, so he stood confidently at his final moments, letting the small girl from Five take her own life and leaving Harbor with his own district partner.

Then it was the final two, Harbor stood with his district partner on the roof as she talked away winning this game and being able to demolish Harbor in the process. The blonde Career nodded and smiled, agreeing to his partner's words when he really had no intention of giving victory over to her.

He dropped his weapons, and when his district partner rose her own weapon to Harbor, the final Career boy swept his partner off the roof and sent her plummeting to her death.

That was it, Harbor had won something that no one had believed he could have accomplished in the first place.



Harbor Stark, Victor of the 68th Hunger Games. He stands at 5'9" in height, weighing at 157 lb. and has dirty blonde hair that strikes out in a messy state. His skin color is like every other individual in District Four, sun kissed, and smelling like the beaches while his eyes are blue, bordering half way on the color of the blue waters in District Four.

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