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 Posted on: Feb 1 2015, 04:18 AM


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Welcome to Time Won't Forget! We're incrediably happy to have snagged your interest and we'd love to help guide you through some of our information to make joining and getting started a little easier! We present a lot of information for our game, and there is a little more structure to our Games than you would find in rpgs that don't use a die based system! Here's what you need to know:

    Before you join up go ahead and give our plot a look. We're an AU board, so most of our plot revolves around member involvement and member driven subplots. Of course we host a Hunger Games maybe once every two to three months or so and it's the biggest plot we offer. The rules specific to the Games don't need to be learned by heart, but it's a good idea to skim them at this point to make sure you're comfortable with participating. Every Hunger Games roleplay is a little different in how they operate their Games. Our board rules are short and to the point! After that if you're interested it's time to move on to character creation!
    Character concepts are my favourite part of roleplaying but sometimes it can be hard to tell if my ideas will fit the existing character pool and general plot on a new board. If you're like me it's a great idea to check out the wanted ads section. If that's not your cup of tea, but you're still looking for a general idea of our existing characters, plot pages can give you some insight without having to dig through a bunch of profiles. Perhaps you'd like to create a character for one of our subplots.

    When you're ready to dive in, our character creation process begins with an application. We have two templates, a standard one and a free form one. You're welcome to write as much or as little as you would like or to add or delete fields as you go along as you give us a well rounded view of your character. If you get a little stuck along the way we have a few character creation guides in our inspiration station forum! When you've been accepted be sure to file your claims.
    Once you've been accepted and you're ready to play feel free to pollinate the plot pages as liberally as you'd like or even start your own! We have an open thread directory if you'd like to use it to get your feet wet. Whether you're tagging someone, joining in on an open thread, or beginning your own thread, the best way to make sure it finds the spotlight it deserves is to drop off a link in our tag box, it's located on the second tab of our sidebar!
    Now that you're all settled in feel free to take in some of the extra material we offer! We have a thread of board features that our members are welcome to utilize however they'd like. We also offer a little background information about our world in the form of NPC profiles, a map and population guide and the history of career groups. Don't forget to PM Shiver your birthday if you'll like us to celebrate it with you!
All in all, I hope that joining us is a smooth process and that you'll find a niche in our awesome community of writers! If you have any questions along the way feel free to pop into the cbox. Our mods are green and our admins are blue but even if you can't snag one of us our members are bound to lend a helping hand. If you would rather PM a staff member you're welcome to click any of our names in the banner, the link will lead you right into a composition box. Happy Hunger Games!

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