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 Posted on: May 5 2014, 09:57 AM


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We have some features here at TWF that are unique to our rpg
or unique to our hosting that we want to make available to everyone.

Alert System
    I've recently enabled the alert system here at Time Won't Forget. You will find your alerts in the bar at the top of the page. Alerts will be sent to you on several occasions and you have the ability to change those settings in "My Controls". In order to get an alert when someone replies to a thread, you must be tracking the thread, the link is right above the edit, quote and tattle buttons of the first post in each thread. In order to tag a member in a post all you have to do is type @[member name] and they will get an alert that they've been tagged.
Spoiler Code
    The spoiler tags allows for text to be hidden within a spoiler that users can click to open and click again to close. This is particularly helpful for long applications you'd like to divide, requesting multiple characters within one wanted ad, and detailing many characters within a plot page!

    You may use this code however you see fit. It can be accessed with all the other bbcode options above your edit box. Typed, the code will look like this: [*spoiler=X]content[*/spoiler] where X is the title of the spoiler. In use, the spoiler looks like this:
  hello from the other side

Youtube Code
    A youtube code is also available in the list of bbcode above your edit box. To use, simply put the ID number of the youtube video you'd like to post in the middle of the youtube tags. We ask that you use this tag in only out of character areas.
Post Code
    We do not have doHTML enabled at TWF. It is a security risk and we don't want to run the risk of having our board exploited. However, we do have a standard template that your are permitted to use for your posts should you want to. It's simple and clean and matches the skin. All you have to do is [*post]content[*/post]. This code can also be accessed in the bbcode over your edit box. More templates may be added later.
Linking Accounts
    As we are hosted on jcink, we have the ability to link all of our accounts to a single "parent" account. We ask that you link all of your accounts to you OOC account, it's easy to do and it makes it easier for Issy and I to ensure that tribute accounts are not linked to any parent account while they are in use in the Games. After linking your accounts you will be able to switch from one to the other in the UCP bar at the top of your page, choose which accounts to post from any time you post, and change a post from one character to another even after it's been posted. Here's how to do it:

  • On your OOC account, Click “My Controls” at the top of the page.
  • On the menu on the left hand side, under Personal Profile, click: “Edit Sub-accounts”
  • On the right, beside “Account username:” enter the account's username.
  • Then in “Account password:” put the password.
  • Finally, click: “Link This Account”

    Accounts can be unlinked by going into the same menu, checking the box beside their name, and clicking "delink this account".
Thread Tracker
    Up in the top right corner of your page you will notice a thread tracker link (lightning bolt). This link will take you to a page where you can keep track of all of your threads. To add a thread to this list, simply click "track this thread" at the top of the first post within the thread. When you've finished with the thread you can access your thread tracker, check a box by the finished thread, and click "unsubscribe" and it will be removed from your thread tracker. I find this much easier than listing out or individually bookmarking each thread!
    Your mini profile is editable by going into "my controls" in the UCP bar at the top of your page, and selecting "edit profile info" in the list on the left side of the page. The top few fields will all show up on your mini profile when someone hovers over your av. Please fill each of them out according to what they ask for. Each field is required so if you'd like to submit before adding a mp3 link or a gif, put - in that box just so there's something there! For your OOC mini profile, fill out the fields with your own information with title being anything silly you'd like. Character miniprofiles and OOC miniprofiles each display a different grouping of information. Character accounts will show a box for your alias and for character's age. OOC accounts will have a space for your points to be banked, this field will be staff responsibility to upkeep!
MP3 Codes
    Along with being able to have an mp3 in your miniprofile, we've added a custom bbcode that allows for mp3s to be embedded into your posts as well. The code can be accessed with all the other bbcodes above the text posts in your edit window or you can simply use the tags [mp3*]with your url here[/mp3*].
    We have a custom bbcode for tables. Sometimes things like plot pages or inventories or info in apps and what have you can be better organized in a table. We don't allow dohtml because it is a security threat and because allowing it would enable people to plug their own rolls in for the games, so instead we offer a bbcode for tables. You code it the same way you would in html but use brackets instead of arrows. So [*table], [*td] and [*tr]. It'll look like this:
Title Here Maybe
If you have any feature suggestions PM them to Shiver!

"Text is meaningless without context." - John Green

"Read books. Care about things. Get excited. Try not to be too down on yourself.
Enjoy the ever present game of knowing." - Hank Green

"Old men like hard cheese and strong mustard." - Rhett McLaughlin
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