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 79th Intent List
 Posted on: Mar 14 2017, 06:38 PM


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Throughout all of Panem, people were dragged out of their beds, away from their jobs, and into the square by silent peacekeepers. Protests were met with whips and thrown fists and finally, finally order reigned over the citizens of Panem. Screens around the square of each district began to crackle, static and white noise washing over the thousands of faces waiting eagerly for what came next. President Price's face came into view, a sad expression pulling his bulldog-like jowls down. He sat a little straighter before he began.

"People of Panem, you have been brought from your homes at this hour so that I can share some dire news. After doubling our peacekeepers in District Eight, it has come to our attention that there is a small sect of people, largely based there, that would see our union, our alliance, our very foundation...broken. These people, all too aware of the consequences of the first rebellion, have tried to abandon our past, have tried to spread hate and deceit to further their own agenda of dishonesty and hostility. We have no choice but to act and act now."

Here, President Price sighed and pulled a look of sympathy and fear for the camera. He adjusted his tie and made a big deal of getting his emotions under control before he went on. He cleared his throat several times and pushed forward.

"A task force has been assembled to deal with these types of people and I have been advised to submit anyone furthering this false rhetoric, anyone spreading outright propaganda, to the Hunger Games. I don't want to do it, but I'm afraid that this is our only option. This group has given up on their part of our agreement, and now we must react in turn. I understand, more than anyone else can, that this takes away the opportunity to feed and honor your District from your reaped and noble tributes and it doesn't feel fair to steal the food from your mouths. I can only guarantee that these fanatics will be pushed to the very extreme once in the arena. I will not allow them to take what is rightfully yours and I am sorry that you must now suffer their consequence."

With that the President was gone, the air was silent, and Panem was released from his hold.

The following OOC stipulations on rebel characters need to be noted by members:
    - There will be extreme scrutiny from gamemakers.
    - No donations to rebels will be available.
    - No interviews, parade, gamemaker session or resulting HP and attributes will be permitted.
    - A tour of shame, where the rebel victor is stockaded in each district will be given to a rebel victor rather than tour of victory.
    - A rebel victor would be submitted to Zara Van Allen for safekeeping.
    - Regular tributes will be awarded by gamemakers for killing a rebel tribute.
    - Should a rebel win, as unlikely as it will be, they'll be given a parade of shame instead of one of victory, where they'll be stockaded in each District instead of celebrated. They won't be given a house, and their district won't be given food.
    - Rebel tributes will be framed as a detriment to their district by the Capitol, mentors and tributes should follow suit or are likely to be punished by gamemakers in Games.

Please do not claim a spot until your application has been accepted.

Anyone wishing to play a rebel tribute should submit their character for capture to a peacekeeper listed IN THIS subplot.

Those who played careers IN THE LAST TWO GAMES are ineligible to play careers this Games.

Careers will also not get an accepted spot until they have threaded in THE TRAINING CENTER with either a MENTOR, TRAINER, OR PEER, due to the way those districts pick volunteers.

Besides careers, we will be allowing TWO volunteers, REBEL characters may not volunteer/turn themselves in.

If you played a tribute last Games, you will NOT be permitted a spot until you've submitted a QUESTIONNAIRE. Remember that questionnaires do not have to be answered in full in order to be submitted. You may pick and choose questions as you go along, but your input is vital.

ALL members will be permitted TWO tributes this Games.

This list is first come, first served.

Bochito Volante (D6)
Evan Ivanov (D5)

District One
Male: Parker King (Gyllian)
Female: Ruby Stone (Shadow)

District Two
Male: Axel Wayland (Ice)
Female: Clio Ashlar (Alex)

District Three

District Four
Male: Solomon Benthos (Sunny)
Female: Anemone Brine (Naomi)

District Five

District Six
Male: Bochito Volante (Nico)
Female: Tessa Marne (Suzi)

District Seven
Male: Grover Undertree (Shadow)
Female: Linden Boxwood (Shiver)

District Eight
Female: Iphigenia Damask (Nico)

District Nine
Male: Nox Burns (Lava)
Female: Madeline Cheshire (Krissu)

District Ten
Male: Carrion Crow (Beau)
Female: Nellie Stallion (Lava)

District Eleven

District Twelve
Female: Brooke Barrowman (Alex)

One: Bambi Atom (Felix)
Two: Britta Hodden (Shiver)
Three: Ross Wild (Jared)

"Text is meaningless without context." - John Green

"Read books. Care about things. Get excited. Try not to be too down on yourself.
Enjoy the ever present game of knowing." - Hank Green

"Old men like hard cheese and strong mustard." - Rhett McLaughlin
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